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Christina Pasant Veterinary Assistant

Christina Pasant

Veterinary Assistant


My name is Christina and I have a lifelong love of animals. My first job was as a Kennel Worker at a Veterinary Hospital when I was 16 years old. I then earned a Veterinary Assistant degree from Michigan State University while working at a wildlife rehabilitation center. I worked as the Educational Director, showing people our educational ambassadors. Our ambassadors included a Great Horned Owl, a Screech Owl, a Red Tailed Hawk and a Rough Legged Hawk. These were animals that had been injured and could not be returned to the wild.

When the center closed I started working at a Veterinary Hospital that focused on exotic animals as well as dogs and cats. I worked there for 10 wonderful years.

In 2010 I moved myself and two daughters to Arizona and I have enjoyed living here since. I currently live with two cats, one rabbit, one cockatiel and one adorable Chihuahua. I have been working for Dr Ferens and the Visiting Vet for seven years and enjoy every day I get to work.

Joseph Smith  Veterinary Assistant

Joseph Smith 

Veterinary Assistant


Hello Everyone,

I began working for Visiting Vet in August of 2018. Prior to my employment with Dr. Ferens I graduated Yavapai College after studying Animal Care and Management with an emphasis on Aquaculture. After my graduation I was accepted into the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s internship program and spent my internship at Bubbling Ponds Hatchery. There I gained a great deal of experience with wildlife management, habitat management, and animal diseases.

The other side of my professional life is dedicated to Canine behavior and behavior modification. I operate a canine training business where I specialize in individualized behavioral solutions, basic, and advanced obedience. My training methods are based on modern positive-reinforcement techniques that I have now learned can be effective even in the short span of a stressful vet visit.

During each of our visits I always try to listen to and read the patient so I can do whatever possible to make exams and procedures as comfortable on our four-legged companions as possible.

I personally belong to one dog (Halle), a Pitbull mix, and a cat (Flip), an orange tabby.